Dealing with Keto Breath Resulting From a Low-Carb Diet

Most people start fasting or taking low carb diet in order to lose fat and get fit. While these practices are undoubtedly great, bad breath can occur as a side effect. This kind of bad breath is often called keto breath because it is caused by a process called ketosis. Surely you can’t quit the diet plan, but you certainly can’t let this keto breath ruin your personality either.

The causes of keto-breath
First thing is that if you have keto breath, you are not alone. Keto breath is usually caused by switching to low-carb diet. The sudden change in diet may be a factor here but the main factor is diet’s reaction with the body.

When we eat low-carb foods, the body has to consume the carbs and fats already stored in the body. This beneficial process starts with the help of ketones which are released to make the carbs and fast usable. Hence, the process of ketosis, which is attributed to the action of ketones, starts. This is what results in the keto breath.

How to treat the keto breath
Although keto breath is resulted due to something beneficial for the overall health, it doesn’t mean that this bad breath has to stay. There are some effective ways to get rid of the keto breath.
  • Drinking a lot of water is what health physicians around the world suggest. Keto breath is usually caused by changes in the mouth. So drinking a lot of water washes away the food particles which remain in the mouth to produce odor. Furthermore, water health in preventing the buildup of plaque.
  • To treat the bad breath in general, a simple trick is to use the sugarless gum. Sugarless gums mainly contain xylitol which doesn’t only helps in getting rid of the bad breath but it also helps in the treatment of cavities. The main purpose of xylitol is to enhance the production of saliva. With that said, it is also worth mentioning here that you should strictly avoid gums with artificial sweeteners.
  • Going to the office bathroom after every meal or snack to brush your teeth is not a bad habit at all. In fact, this habit can let you to avoid bad breath if you are on low-carb diet. Since there is a chance for the bacteria to thrive on the tongue after every meal, brushing teeth for a minute can help you to remove those bacteria.
  • Another very beneficial treatment in order to get rid of the bacteria is oil pulling. The major benefit of oil pulling is that it doesn’t affect teeth enamel while pushing the bacteria and other harmful particles to lose the hold.
  • Tongue remains to be the area where odor can develop. So, cleaning tongue after every meal can help you to prevent keto break. Tongue scrapping is the ideal way to get it done. 
Besides treating keto breath on your own, you also need to visit your dentist to ensure proper dental hygiene. This way, you will be able to prevent every kind of odor in your mouth.